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When’s the Best Time to Visit Mexico City?

best time to visit mexico city

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Hi, welcome! I know you’re here because you’re wondering when to visit Mexico City, but let me get this straight: there is no ‘best’ time of year to visit Mexico City. The Mexican capital has plenty of cool shit going on all year around and you’ll never—never—be bored there.

However, there are some better-than-other-times to visit depending on what you’re looking for with a Mexico City vacation. Perhaps you want great weather, or perhaps you’re not concerned about downpours. Maybe you want to get some cheap flights to Mexico City or maybe you’ve got money to burn.

Whatever your motivations, there will be an optimal time for you to visit. In this post, I’ll be running you through some of the things to consider if you’re trying to decide on the ‘best time to visit Mexico City’.

Also, remember that the best time to visit Mexico City may not be the best time to visit Mexico in general, because the country is vast and events, weather and other considerations can change drastically from region to region.



I’ve written before that I think spring is the best season to visit Mexico City. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t pros and cons to visiting in other seasons. Let me talk you through the best time of year to visit Mexico City.

Winter (December, January, February)

Visiting Mexico City in December is a great idea if you want to see the capital in full festive swing. There is an ice rink set up on the zocalo, lights and Christmas trees take over and warm ponche is sold by the vat.

The downsides of visiting Mexico City in the winter are arguably not downsides, depending what kind of weather you like. For example, January is the coldest month (coldest, not cold) while February is the driest. Do with that information what you will.

However one definite downside is that Mexico City’s infamous smog flourishes during the winter months.

Spring (March, April, May)

The weather in Mexico City during springtime is super pleasant. The rainstorms haven’t started yet, but there’s no residual chill in the air of a morning and evening, although May is the warmest month of the year. You can easily walk around in a t-shirt and feel comfortable all day long.

The other big selling point of springtime is that the jacaranda trees begin to bloom across the city, adding a hint of lilac to the sometimes too-grey cityscape.

Finally, the city empties out over Easter, as people flock to their holiday homes and take vacations of their own. Let me tell you—there is nothing better than spending Easter in Mexico City!

Also, the Vive Latino Festival comes to Mexico City in March (usually).

best time to visit mexico city

Summer (June, July, August)

The thing that most people worry about during summer in Mexico City is the rain. There can be downpours and huge thunderstorms every day at the peak of the Mexico City rainy season, although these mostly occur in the evening. I remember when I was there, it would be like clockwork—6pm rolled around and it started to pour.

However, when it’s not raining, the sun is out and it can be pretty hot and sticky during the day. Plus, summer falls squarely in the Mexico City low season, so it can be a good time to visit Mexico City on a budget.

Autumn (September, October, November)

While spring is great for people who love warmer weather and don’t really like rain, autumn is often considered ‘European’, climate-wise. It’s cooler but not cold by any stretch of the imagination and the rains are slowing. However, it can be pretty wet right in Mexico City in September.

Personally, I think November is the best month of the year in Mexico City. Not only does it have Day of the Dead celebrations and lots of cultural activities going on, the weather would suit even Goldilocks down to the ground. Also, Corona Capital usually takes place in November.

Autumn is also still the low season for the capital.

best time to visit mexico city


If you want warm but not hot weather, then the best specific month to visit Mexico City would be May.

If you want generally pleasant weather, then I think November is ideal.

For great festivals, visiting Mexico City in November is perfect, although March isn’t bad.


If you want cheap flights to Mexico City or you’re looking for the cheapest time to fly to Mexico City, it really depends where you’re travelling from. Say you’re coming from New York, then according to Skyscanner the cheapest month to visit Mexico City is December.

From Miami and L.A. it’s January, while Texans are best visiting…well, anytime, really. Flights typically cost from $200-$300 on average.

If you’re travelling from the UK, then (in my experience) February/March time is most affordable, and according to Skyscanner March is the best month to travel cheaply to Mexico City. Of course, I’m talking direct flights here.

The cheapest destination airport in Mexico from the UK is almost always Cancún. From there, you could look at getting a connecting domestic flight to the capital and that way, you don’t have to worry about when to go to Mexico City, as far as prices are concerned.

I like to check flights at Kayak, Kiwi and Skyscanner before buying.

In terms of accommodation, there’ll always be something affordable to be found but prices are really hiked around Christmas, Day of the Dead and Easter.

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the best time to visit mexico city

To sum up:

  • If you’re looking for the best Mexico City weather (a.k.a. low rainfall, warm but not too hot) then, for my money, November is the best month to visit Mexico City. Alternatively, spring is a great season. Just remember that the Mexico City average temperature is roughly 24°C (75°F) year round.
  • If you want cheap flights to Mexico City from the U.S. then winter is generally the best season. If you’re travelling from the UK, then look at booking flights for February or March
  • If you want to coolest experiences while you’re in Mexico City, then again, November wins for Day of the Dead. However, spring and autumn generally see the arrival of Mexico City’s biggest concerts, Viva Latino and Corona Capital.
  • To avoid the crowds (as much as possible in a city of 20million+tourists), then summer is peak low season. Meanwhile, Easter is when locals leave the city.

I hope you found this brief post useful. As always, let me know your thoughts on the best time to travel to Mexico City in the comments!


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