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One of my favourite Mexican artists, and someone I’ve shoehorned into articles multiple times for the Culture Trip because I just love her so much, Julieta Venegas is criminally underrated in many musical markets despite years of consistent success in Latin America. Here are ten (narrowing them down was challenging to say the least) of my favourite Julieta Venegas songs, at least one of which I cried to when I saw her live in Mexico City. I’ll let you guess which one.

  1. Pobre de tí

Technically not Julieta alone, but her former ska band Tijuana No!’s unequivocally most well-known track.

  1. Limón y sal

I once accidentally called this Sal y limón to Inti and I feel like he’s never forgotten about it.

  1. Eres para mí

  1. Me voy

  1. Ese camino

From her latest album of the same name.

  1. Sería feliz

An enjoyably creepy video mixed with a less popular song.

  1. Suavecito

Not to be confused with Despacito. 

  1. De mis pasos

Featuring a very young looking Julieta.

  1. Lento

One day, Cartel de Santa will appear live with Julieta to sing this song and I’ll be vindicated.

  1. Bien o mal

Because she looks bloody majestic in the video.

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