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Since booking on-a-whim one-way flights to Colombia for September, I’ve been listening to a lot of Bomba Estéreo. When the hypnotic frontwoman Liliana Saumet barrelled on stage the first (and only) time I saw them live in Guadalajara, I was more taken with her sequinned jacket and silky headscarf than I was by the songs (Fuego aside). However, this Bogotá-native band has really grown on me since then and these are the songs I currently can’t stop playing on repeat.

  1. Fuego

The classic, the unequalled jewel in the Bomba Estéreo crown, Fuego is one you’ve heard before and not been able to place. The classic cumbia cowbell makes a welcome appearance too, serving as a great contrast for Saumet’s voice.

  1. Somos Dos

I lied. This is the jewel in their musical repertoire and the one that takes the top spot as my favourite track of the moment at the time of writing.

  1. El Alma y El Cuerpo

The radio host announcer on this YouTube version of El Alma y El Cuerpo pisses me off no end (I don’t know why) but the song makes it worth listening to.

  1. Soy Yo

The one that took the internet by storm for the video’s sassy frontwoman and the great message behind the catchy lyrics.

  1. Pa’ Respirar

A change of pace, but a welcome one. Pa’ Respirar is up there as one that I’ll listen to time and time again. I never get bored.

  1. Sintiendo

Catchy af.

  1. To My Love

Spanish language bands singing in English usually make me cringe, but this is one example where it works really well.

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