Nine Months in Mexico + Nine Things I Miss About Home

things i miss about home

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Babies have been conceived and born in the time I’ve now been in Mexico and as I found myself wistfully browsing the jumpers section on ASOS earlier today, I realised that there are a few things I miss about home. Jumpers being just one of them. This may seem a little grass is greener of me, given that the average temperature in Guadalajara is currently hovering around 30 degrees every day, but I love a layer, and I’m kind of missing my parka. (Please don’t quote me on this when I’m back in Wales in November and can’t afford to turn the heating on again.)

But anyway, I got to thinking, nine months in to my veritable Mexico pregnancy, what else have I started to miss? And so I checked my list of ‘Things To Do When I Get Back To The UK’, which is a list that – honestly – mostly consists of eating different types of pies (fish, pork, meat and potato), scotch eggs and a takeaway lamb bhuna with all the trimmings. Not joking. Really not joking. However, despite my anticipated pie-fest, there are a handful of other things that made it onto the list. In honour of my nine months, let me take you on a little run through of the nine things I’m missing from home.


1. Being able to buy books on Amazon 

Actually, I think I phrased it something like ‘Place Amazon order for first semester books/ Other feminist titles/ Buy a colouring book’. Yes, I actually worded it like that. ‘Other feminist titles’, which at the minute just has Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist written underneath it (UPDATE AUGUST 2017: I read that book a year ago and it is GREAT). In all seriousness, my craving for new books being dropped constantly through my letterbox is just not satisfied here in Mexico. I may have acquired a small suitcase worth of Spanish language books since I’ve being here, but my god, my addiction is bleeding me dry. Not least because I’ve had to pay for an extra suitcase on my return flights. Books here, even Spanish language ones, are just noooot cheap. Even though Gandhi has become a favourite of mine, I really need to be reunited with my first love; Amazon <3

Oh, and about the colouring book. What? I miss my Berol Felt Tips. Don’t judge.

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things i miss about home

2. Chocolate

GShep’s might have done me a solid and brought out some much needed Cadbury’s supplies to me before Easter but then I moved in with Inti and my rations magically started disappearing when I wasn’t in the house. Still not got to the bottom of that little mystery. Plus the cost of half decent chocolate out here is atrocious. A Kinder Bueno for $22.50. Ridiculous, I say to myself as I buy them anyway in a hormonal fit of chocolate craving. But I will not settle for those bloody Carlos Quinto monstrosities, or Hershey’s for that matter (Peanut Butter Cups excluded). (UPDATE AUGUST 2017: I like Carlos Quintos now, have I been in Mexico for too long?)

things i miss about home

3. My Huddersfield friends

Despite a rather lukewarm response to the event I made on Facebook *ahem* announcing the date of my return, I still only harbour a vague loathing for my friends back in the UK and I guess seeing them wouldn’t be too horrific. You could say (all together, now) I miss them. But they still ranked lower than eating curry and buying books on my To Do list. Sorry, not sorry, she says through her mouthful of bhuna. Although, if you’ll still have me, crack open the wine and cheese, because when I come back it’s time to do what we do best. Eat too much and talk about everyone we didn’t like in high school. Catching up is essential though, especially when your best friend’s Facebook messenger skills are non-existent and you’ve been out of the country for a year. SO much new boy talk to cover! It’s hard to remember that while it feels like the world has stood still in your absence, those clocks have still been ticking round.

things i miss about home

We pretty

4. My grandparents

I guess I missed my family too, and therefore I have scheduled family time into my ten days back in Huddersfield. I am a good granddaughter.

5. Being able to clear out my bedroom and throw shit away

This is a big one. I am missing the organisation I used to once hold over my life. I am a whiteboard, list making kind of person and having my life spread over two continents is starting to make me a bit angsty. Imagine packing up a select portion of your life and leaving the country for a complete year. It puts into perspective the amount of junk you lug around everywhere, half of which you do not need and forgot you even owned. Every item of clothing I left at home (bar the jumpers and winter wear that were obviously surplus to requirement here)? Yeah, all going. Apart from that one black top that I loved and forgot about and I know my sister has now probably stolen. That is getting reclaimed the second my feet touch Yorkshire soil. You’ve been warned, Zoe. But really, half of that stuff I probably forgot I owned. Knowing it’s all still sat in my old bedroom/ mum’s new laundry room waiting for me is reassuring, sure, but it also feels like a loose end. One that needs tying up before I can properly move on. Also, you just cannot donate stuff in Mexico. Where are all the charity shops?!

things i miss about home

6. Being able to get a new SIM card

Yeah, I got robbed. That one still stings. Plus, technology is so not cheap here either. A new iPhone would set me back a loooot of pesos and why would I buy one here when I can buy a good as new second hand one back home? Plus, my loyal fan base needs a way to get in touch with me when I once more grace the UK with my presence. I miss my phone, damn it.

7. Period products

I never thought I’d say it, but when I was on the pill, I missed my period. A period is a stomach cramping, bloody reminder that yay, not pregnant! But I miss ‘affordable’ period products even more than I missed the actual thing itself. Are you sensing a pattern here? I might be able to buy 5 avocados for 70p, but tampons are 34243pesos a packet. So, yeah, why not? Might save myself some much needed money, which I can then use next year to spend on all the avocados I want.

things i miss about home

8. British wages

I really miss the British wage, if only because my future plans are now looking like they might prove expensive. Hm.  I like working, and I like the money I can potentially earn in the UK even more.

9. Not being greasy af all the time

OK, this one isn’t on the list, but it seems like an appropriate topic to end on. Guadalajara is hot. I watch TV and my face is sweaty. I sit still and my face is sweaty. Inti tells me I’m sweating approximately four times a day. And pushing my glasses back up my nose 30 thousand times a day gets old real quick. So, erm, I guess what I’m saying is that I want the brisk and breezy British weather back, just for a month or so. Dry out the ol’ pores.

things i miss about home

Constantly sweaty and sunburnt. Sidenote: This top has since gone missing and I WANT IT BACK.

In conclusion, I thought writing this list of things I miss about home would make me nervous. Nervous that I’d want to be back in the UK more than I should, but to be honest the reassuring thing is that it reads like a ‘Things To Stock Up On and Then Move Back To Mexico’ list. I am a fan of thinking about it that way. There are lots of things I miss, but mainly due to price and convenience. Family and friends excluded, I might add. It’s much cheaper to just have Facebook contact with them! *nervous laughter*

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