Today, December 1st 2014, marks 100 days since I order lorazepam online cheap (well, Guadalajara) and started, to be totally honest, the best year of my life. And I know that’s a ridiculous cliche that people like to throw around when they talk about moving to a different country or starting a new adventure abroad, but for me, in this moment, it feels very true to my moving to Mexico experience.

I apologise in advance for the soppiness of this post. I don’t know what came over me.

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One year ago, I first arrived at that alprazolam order lorazepam hostel with my flight buddy Brendon and met Amy, who has since become my go to eyebrow-plucker. She sometimes flies into Guadalajara JUST to perform this task, seriously. Sidenote: she did them for me this morning and I think I’m in love with my own eyebrows. Is that possible?

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But back to the matter in hand… Over my 100 happy days, I’ve done things with people I didn’t even know this time 101 days ago. People who have honestly made my time so far here the absolute best. We’ve got drunk together, buy wyeth ativan, laughed together. We’ve road tripped across Mexico to celebrate Day of the Dead in Michoacan, gone fishing in Barra de Navidad, been on a party boat in buy ativan overnight delivery and drunk more tequila than I care to mention. I’ve been confused for the sister of Amy, Alex AND, weirdly enough, Jake. He may act like the brother I never had, but I thought his ethnic appearance and my pale awkwardness would have revealed the truth. Apparently not.

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I’ve had the piss taken out of both my accents. Both of them. Guess those are the perils of hanging around with a pair of Londoners all the time.

I’ve gone parasailing, jumped off a boat in the middle of the ocean, got more than my fair share of third degree burns, lived in not one, not two, but THREE separate houses in the space of 100 days, visited four states and made plans to visit five more over Christmas. Oh, and I’ve done a bit of teaching too. I’ve become the biggest fan of a local amateur seven-a-side football team, I got a hair braid in front of some wildly judgemental Mexican children and I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with salsa dancing, despite being absolutely awful at it. (Several eyewitnesses can confirm this.)

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I’ve also slept more times on a fucking air bed then I ever thought I would. I’ve lost my taquiqueso virginity, my live music virginity and my zoo virginity. May have also lost my dignity a few times, mainly in Speakeasy and Americas, but let’s not talk about that right now.

I’ve fallen in love and somehow managed to land myself a Mexican boyfriend. All my big talk about that been the one thing I would not do went out of the window when I met Inti, I guess.

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My moving to buy ativan online overnight delivery has led me to fall in love with the place that I never want to leave and the people that I never want to forget. Here’s to 100 more happy days. And then several hundred more after that.

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