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A Mini Guide To Spanish Swearwords

In the not so distant past, I may have been made aware of the fact that I talk too much about Spanish. Some people may even have referred to it as a niche interest. I can neither confirm nor deny. Either way, there’s no better way to get sceptics interested in what you have to say about a language than talking about the swearwords.  Here’s my mini guide to the Spanish swearwords I learnt as an aupair/ beginner language student in Spain.

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This is basically a Spanish equivalent of ‘fuck you’, although you might be able to tell that Spaniards tend to be a bit more, shall we say poetic, in their use of swearwords. Literally translated it means ‘I shit in the host’ (i.e Jesus). Classy.

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This is rather more tame, meaning something along the lines of ‘Urgh’ or ‘For God’s sake’. Kids tend to say this. On an unrelated topic, so do stressed out aupairs.

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¡Qué putada!/ ¡Hijo de Puta!

I’ll be honest, this one doesn’t sit well with me in translation, because puta literally means prostitute, but in Spanish it’s just such a satisfying phrase. ¡Qué putada! loosely translates as ‘what a bitch’ or ‘urgh, shitty luck’, whereas ¡Hijo de puta! is much more literal, meaning son of a bitch. I think I like these ones the best.

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A good old fashioned fuck.

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So, this is a much less aggressive word in Spanish than it is in English, translating as it does to ‘cunt’. I found this out the awkward way when I heard a parent calling their young child a ‘coño’. Some hasty word referencing told me that its Spanish meaning is much more reserved, to say the least.

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On that cheery note, go forth into the world and utilise your newfound Spanish swearword using abilities and watch out for a Mexican version of this post in the very near future.

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