A Mini Guide To Spanish Swearwords

In the not so distant past, I may have been made aware of the fact that I talk too much about Spanish. Some people may even have referred to it as a niche interest. I can neither confirm nor deny. Either way, there’s no better way to get sceptics interested in what you have to say about a language than talking about the swearwords.  Here’s my mini guide to the Spanish swearwords I learnt as an aupair/ beginner language student in Spain.


Me cago en la hostia

This is basically a Spanish equivalent of ‘fuck you’, although you might be able to tell that Spaniards tend to be a bit more, shall we say poetic, in their use of swearwords. Literally translated it means ‘I shit in the host’ (i.e Jesus). Classy.

Spanish swearwords


This is rather more tame, meaning something along the lines of ‘Urgh’ or ‘For God’s sake’. Kids tend to say this. On an unrelated topic, so do stressed out aupairs.

Spanish swearwords

¡Qué putada!/ ¡Hijo de Puta!

I’ll be honest, this one doesn’t sit well with me in translation, because puta literally means prostitute, but in Spanish it’s just such a satisfying phrase. ¡Qué putada! loosely translates as ‘what a bitch’ or ‘urgh, shitty luck’, whereas ¡Hijo de puta! is much more literal, meaning son of a bitch. I think I like these ones the best.

Spanish swearwords


A good old fashioned fuck.

Spanish swearwords


So, this is a much less aggressive word in Spanish than it is in English, translating as it does to ‘cunt’. I found this out the awkward way when I heard a parent calling their young child a ‘coño’. Some hasty word referencing told me that its Spanish meaning is much more reserved, to say the least.

Spanish swearwords

On that cheery note, go forth into the world and utilise your newfound Spanish swearword using abilities and watch out for a Mexican version of this post in the very near future.


    • Lauren 13 December, 2017 at 16:21 Reply

      Weeeelll, this is only about Spanish (from Spain) swearing, so I didn’t think it fit! I’ll be adding that kind of stuff to my Mexican swearwords post lol

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