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Your Essential Guide to ALL the Free Museums in Mexico City

I have struggled, oh man have I struggled, to find a full list of all the free museums in Mexico City (bear in mind that this is a capital with more than 150 museum options to choose from) and the closest I could get were on totally Spanish-language websites. Not ideal for non-Spanish speaking tourists eager to explore how to buy lorazepam online City on a budget, right?

(If you do speak Spanish, cheap generic lorazepam and order lorazepam online cheap you can find two REALLY great websites, which were invaluable resources to me when I was putting together this guide to the free museums in Mexico City.)

With that in mind, and even though museums are somewhat of a pet travel hate of mine, I started the mammoth task of putting together a truly one-page, one-stop shop of lorazepam to buy online canada museum information for the alprazolam order lorazepam. I’m providing a public service, I know. What’s more, I’m pretty sure it’s the only guide of its kind, and therefore ideal for those of you who want to do buy brand ativan online and avoid the expensive tourist traps – looking at you Frida Kahlo’s buy wyeth ativan.

Plus, it includes some of the best Mexico City museums ranging from the ultra-popular (buy ativan overnight delivery) to the uber-niche. Did you know, for example, that Mexico City has a buy brand name ativan, and even an lorazepam online uk?!

Keep in mind that, as this is a buy generic ativan online rather than Mexicans and residents, I haven’t included info on things like best museums in Mexico City with free entry for residents, the retired, or teachers and students in Mexican institutions, of which there are plenty. There are also tons of free museums for children in buy lorazepam online us too, which I’ll likely put into a separate guide in the near future. I also haven’t provided the opening hours or address, but they can easily be found by clicking on the museum link that takes your fancy.

Disclaimer: All the information in this guide is taken from the website of each individual Mexico City museum, but, obviously, that can change from time to time, so double check before you visit and drop me a comment if there’s a museum I’ve missed off. All the below info was correct at the time of writing in June 2017.

If you want, you can jump to the section that’s right for you. Under each heading, the museums that fall into that category are listed alphabetically.

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There are only four Mexico City museums that are free on Tuesdays, including a hotspot for Frida and Diego’s artwork (Dolores Olmedo) and the fascinating Natural History Museum.

  1. lorazepam online canada | $12.50-$45
  2. buy ativan online mastercard | $1-75
  3. lorazepam 1 mg buy uk | $25-$50
  • Only free for the permanent exhibitions.
  1. buy ativan cod (Natural History Museum) | $11-$26
  • Always free for children under 3, people with disabilities and INAPAM with valid ID.

Click the button in the top left to see the full list of museums.

buy ativan in usFREE ON WEDNESDAYS

There’s only one free museum in Mexico City on Wednesday – Museo Universitario del Chopo.

  1. buy lorazepam uk | $15-$40

Click the button in the top left to see the full list of museums.

 order ativan canadaFREE ON SUNDAYS

There are tons of free things to do in Mexico City on Sundays, and it’s also a pretty reliable day to get some museum visits in. Keep in mind that this is also the day when many Mexico City museums throw open their doors for free to Mexican nationals and residents, so they tend to be busier than normal.

  1. buy ativan uk | $15-$30
  2. buy ativan lorazepam | $30
  3. lorazepam mail order | $45
  4. buy lorazepam online india (Modern Art Museum) | $60
  5. cheapest price for lorazepam (Popular Art Museum) | $40
  • Always free for children under 13, people with disabilities, students, teachers and INAPAM with valid ID.
  1. lorazepam buy canada | $52
  • Always free for students, teachers and INAPAM with valid ID.
  1. buy lorazepam 2mg | $30
  2. buy lorazepam mexico | $20
  • 50% discount for teachers and students with valid ID.
  1. buy lorazepam overnight | $30-$50
  • Always free for children under 15 and INAPAM with valid ID, and teachers and students get 50% discount.
  1. where to buy lorazepam philippines | $30
  2. buy ativan fast shipping (National Architecture Museum) | $45
  • Always free for students, teachers and INAPAM with valid ID.
  1. order lorazepam overnight (National Popular Cultures Museum) | $13
  • Always free for children under 12, people with disabilities, students, teachers and INAPAM with valid ID.
  1. lorazepam online india (National Museum of Graphic Arts) | $45
  • Always free for children under 13, students, teachers and INAPAM with valid ID.
  1. lorazepam online shop (National History Museum) | $51
  2. lorazepam sale online (National Museum of Interventions) | $70
  3. buy ativan spain | $45
  4. lorazepam prescription online (Palace of Fine Arts Museum) | $60
  5. buy lorazepam online in canada | $60
  6. buy injectable ativan | $30

Click the button in the top left to see the full list of museums.

 cheapest lorazepamALWAYS FREE

This is the section you’ve all been waiting for, clearly – the top museums in Mexico City that are ideal for the budget traveller, because they’re always free. Top always free museums in Mexico City picks include the underrated Casa del Lago in Bosque Chapultepec, the Claustro de Sor Juana (which also features on order lorazepam cheap) and UNAM’s Espacio Escultórico, to name but a few.

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  5. buy ativan generic (Lake House)
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  7. buy ativan europe
  8. purchase lorazepam by mastercard' (House of the Frist Print Shop of the Americas)
  9. buy lorazepam overnight delivery
  10. buy ativan from canada (Image Centre) 
  11. lorazepam to buy uk (Mazatépetl) 
  12. buy ativan online safe
  13. buy canadian ativan (Sculpture Park)
  14. buying lorazepam online in the uk
  15. buy ativan canada online
  16. lorazepam order alprazolam (IMSS’ Medicinal Herbarium)
  17. lorazepam online prescription (National Herbarium of Mexico)
  18. buy ativan usa (Anatomy Museum)
  19. buy ativan fast delivery (Manuel Orozco y Berra Map Room)
  20. buy ativan cheap (Animal Anatomical Pathology Museum)
  21. buy ativan online reviews (Photography Archive Museum)
  22. is buying lorazepam online illegal (Sugar Art Museum)
  • By appointment only and payment is optional.
  1. buy ativan in canada online (Regional Art Museum)
  2. cheapest lorazepam online (SHCP Art Museum)
  3. buy ativan 1mg (Cavalry Museum)
  4. buy lorazepam online canada (Juárez’s Head Museum)
  5. buy lorazepam online australia (El Borceguí Shoe Museum)
  6. ativan to buy online (Chancery Museum)
  7. cheap ativan canada 
  8. online lorazepam prices
  9. buy lorazepam india (Centenary of the Mexican Army Museum)
  10. lorazepam buy online (Charrería Museum) 
  11. lorazepam uk buy 
  12. buy lorazepam from europe (Museum of the Mexican Constitutions) 
  13. lorazepam online
  14. buy ativan in canada (Army and Air Force Museum) 
  15. lorazepam cheap online 
  16. get lorazepam prescription online
  17. get lorazepam online
  18. buy ativan canada
  19. lorazepam purchase online (Railwayman Museum)
  20. how to buy lorazepam online uk 
  21. Museo de Historia de Tlalpan (Tlalpan History Museum)
  22. Museo Indígena (Indigenous Museum) 
  23. Museo del Instituto Cultural México Israel (Museum of the Mexico-Israel Cultural Institute)
  24. Museo Interactivo de la Policía Federal (Interactive Federal Police Museum)
  25. Museo Legislativo Sentimientos de la Nación (Legislative Museum)
  • Free with ID.
  1. Museo de Manga México (Manga Museum)
  2. Museo Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla 
  3. Museo Nacional de la Acuarela (National Watercolour Museum)
  4. Museo Nacional de la Cartografía (National Cartography Museum)
  5. Museo Nacional de las Cultura (National Culture Museum) 
  6. Museo Numismático Nacional (National Coin Museum) 
  7. Museo de Odontología Dr. Samuel Fastlicht (Odontology Museum)
  8. Museo Padre Pro
  9. Museo Parque Arqueológico Luis G. Urbina (Luis G. Urbina Archaeology Museum)
  10. Museo Pedro Infante (Pedro Infante Museum)
  11. Museo del Policía (Police Museum)
  12. Museo Postal (Postal Museum)
  13. Museo Príncipe Tlaltecatzin
  • Payment is optional.
  1. Museo de Sitio Arqueológico Hueytlilatl (Hueytlilatl Archaeological Museum)
  2. Museo de Sitio y de la Música Mexicana (Mexican Music Museum)
  3. Museo de Sitio de la SEP (SEP Museum)
  4. Museo Soumaya (Plaza Carso) 
  5. Museo Soumaya (Plaza Loreto)
  6. Museo del Tatuaje de México (Tattoo Museum)
  7. Museo Tecnológico de la Comisión Federal de Electricidad (MUTEC) (Electricity Museum)
  8. Museo de Tecpan 
  9. Museo del Telégrafo (Telegraph Museum)
  10. Museo Tómas Medina Villaruel 
  11. Museo Universitario de Ciencias y Artes (University Science and Arts Museum)
  12. Museo de la Zona Arqueológica Cuicuilco (Cuicuilco Archaeological Museum)
  13. Sala de Exposiciones de AICM Terminal 2 (Aeropuerto) 
  14. Salón de la Plástica Mexicana (Mexican Plastic Museum)
  15. Palacio de Cultural Banamex
  16. Palacio de la Escuela de la Medicina (School of Medicine Museum)
  • Free with ID.
  1. Pinacoteca de la Profesa (Profesa Art Gallery)
  • Voluntary donation.
  1. UAEM Casa de Cultura

Click the button in the top left to see the full list of museums.

If you found this guide to museums in Mexico City useful, share the pins below or buy me a coffee to say thanks! (This blog runs on sleepless nights and caffeine so you’d really be helping me out.) 


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