I Got Mugged in Mexico (& What To Do if ...

For the second time in my Mexican adventure I found myself in a police station ...
10th May 2015
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Moving to Mexico: 100 Happy Days

Today, December 1st 2014, marks 100 days since I moved to Mexico (well, Guadalajara) and ...
2nd December 2014


Ombligo is without doubt up there, along with libélula, as one of my favourite Spanish ...
24th October 2014
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Mexico Is Going To Kill Me

There’s nothing quite like getting sick in a foreign country to make you crave your ...
18th October 2014

Watching Ronaldinho in Guadalajara, Mexico

Ever the avid football fan, yesterday I went to watch Atlas vs Querétaro at Estadio ...
1st October 2014
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Guadalajara, Mexico | Land of the Taco

One month has passed since I moved to Mexico with a bag full of sun ...
25th September 2014
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Mexico Bound

With every questionable hipster travel essential I purchase (bum bag, New Balance trainers, etc) it ...
22nd August 2014
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How NOT to Tell Your Mum You’re Moving Abroad

How do you tell your family you’re planning on moving to another country and, in the ...
2nd November 2013