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15 Unexpected Habits You’ll Pick Up Living in Mexico

This post may contain affiliate links. Anyone who has lived anywhere that isn’t the place ...
23rd February 2018
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Hasta Luego, Mexico: Leaving Behind a Broken City

It was a weird time to be leaving Mexico, especially Mexico City, given that the ...
24th September 2017
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10 More Things No One Tells You About Living in ...

This post may contain affiliate links. The last instalment of the things no one tells ...
23rd March 2017
Living AbroadMexico

35 Things No One Tells You About Living in Mexico

This post may contain affiliate links. Before you think about moving to Mexico, whether to ...
10th March 2017
Living AbroadMexico

The Trials and Tribulations of the Mexican Postal Service

‘Oh, Mexican postal service, where would we be without you?!’ said no one, ever. The ...
12th February 2017
Living AbroadMexicoMexico CitySpain

Learning Catalan in Mexico

‘Catalan? Where do they speak that?’ is by far and away the most parroted sentence ...
5th February 2017
Living AbroadMexicoMexico City

Thoughts On Living In Mexico City

Mexico City is a crazy place to live in and sometimes it's hard to know ...
7th January 2017
GuadalajaraJaliscoLiving AbroadMexico

Reflections on a Year in Mexico

With less than a month to go before I leave Mexico for good, and only ...
8th August 2015
GuadalajaraJaliscoLiving AbroadMexico

Moving to Mexico: 100 Happy Days

Today, December 1st 2014, marks 100 days since I moved to Mexico (well, Guadalajara) and ...
2nd December 2014
GuadalajaraJaliscoLiving AbroadMexico

Mexico Is Going To Kill Me

There’s nothing quite like getting sick in a foreign country to make you crave your ...
18th October 2014