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Burgers in Mexico City: An Afternoon at Butcher and Sons

butcher and sons mexico city

Now, I really love food and I especially love burgers, so when I was offered the chance to have dinner one Monday afternoon at the Roma branch of Butcher and Sons Mexico City, I obviously leapt at the chance. Butcher and Sons has been going strong since 2012, has five branches across the capital and is known for its quirkily named burgers, such as the Bowie or the Hendrix. While there I was treated to their burger of the month (a cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped burger, accompanied by lettuce and tomato), plus truffle-topped fries and one of the best alcoholic milkshakes I’ve ever had in my life. Here’s why I think Butcher and Sons Mexico City is well-worth checking out next time you’re in the Mexican capital.


On the recommendation of the waiter, I tried out the burger of the month (they have a new creation that’s off-menu each month) and it was a mouth-watering combination of a bacon wrapped hamburger that was stuffed with a mixture of velvety, melted cheese. In classic inelegant Lauren fashion, I made the mistake of squashing the whole thing down when it arrived, leading to a very majestic cheese puddle oozing out onto my plate. In hindsight, I’m actually glad I made this error because otherwise the cheese would have gone all over my white top. (Yes, I wore a white top to eat a burger because I like to live on the edge.)

butcher and sons mexico city

The burger of the month at Butcher & Sons, Roma © Lauren Cocking

Anyway, back to the matter at hand, the burger itself was admittedly delicious, although I was a little sad it didn’t come with fries or some sort of side as standard. Instead, you have to order your chosen ‘added extra’ separately – we’ll come onto that later.

The patty was undeniably delicious, with a real meaty flavour that’s often missing from Mexico’s burger making efforts and the cheese in the centre was a great touch. If I had one meat-based concern, it would be that the bacon could have done with a touch more crisping up to round off the whole experience. Similarly, the bread was a tad too hard for my liking – a great burger should have a suitably squishy bun that’s capable of containing and moulding to both your hands and the filling snuggled within. Even so, it was still far better than most burgers you find in Mexico and the patty was the real stand-out, which is just as it should be.

Rating: 6.5/10

© Butcher & Sons, Roma


As mentioned above, you have to order the fries separately, which is great if you’re on a diet but not so great if you’re on a budget and/or are as greedy as me. However, that is my one criticism as far as the fries go though, because the second I had my greasy paws on them I forgot all about that. (In fact, I ate them so fast, I didn’t get a photo of them).

The white truffle shavings on top were the perfect complement to the crispy French fries beneath. Personally, I love a good French fry and think they’re arguably the best partner for a burger, but if you’re looking for chunky, potatoey wedges you might be disappointed. If you’re not fancy schmancy enough to want truffle fries, they also have individually wrapped bacon ones too. As I had bacon on my burger though, I decided to pass on heart disease for the afternoon.

Rating: 8/10

butcher and sons mexico city


I tried out two drinks while I was at Butcher and Sons Mexico City; one was the agua del día and the other was perhaps one of the greatest milkshakes I’ve ever had. The agua del día, if my memory serves, was a coconut water and pineapple concoction that was served in the very en vogue Mason jar and made for a super refreshing accompaniment to my meal.

But the real star of the drinks show was definitely the so-called ‘spiked shake’ that was a mixture of vanilla ice cream, mazapán (a peanut sweet), frangelico and rum. It went straight to my head, even after eating all of the aforementioned food. However, it, along with the truffle fries, is one of the items that would absolutely have me returning to Butcher & Sons.

 Rating: 7/10 for the agua del día, but a solid 9/10 for the spiked shake

It’s worth noting that neither drink came with a straw, something which is extremely par for the course in Mexico as a whole. When I asked why this was, I found out that Butcher & Sons have a strict no plastic policy and prefer not to use straws, cups and wasteful products which will just end up in landfill. Even the tablecloths are reusable and when I asked for the rest of my milkshake to takeaway, it was brought in a biodegradable cup.

© Butcher & Sons, Roma


If you’re looking for where to eat in Roma, Mexico City for a fairly reasonable price and with a robustly reliable menu, then Butcher & Sons might just be the place for you. You’re looking at paying between MXN$120 and MXN$ 270 for the burger alone, although it should be noted that the MXN$270 option uses 100% wagyu beef. Add to this around MXN$120 for the spiked shakes, plus the cost of the fries. Overall, your entire meal will cost somewhere around £15 per person.

An added bonus is the lovely outdoor seating, which lets you people watch as you eat. I sat at the table you can see below, just left of the door.

butcher and sons mexico city

Butcher & Sons, Roma © Lauren Cocking

butcher and sons mexico city

The street side seating at Butcher & Sons, Roma is a definite bonus © Lauren Cocking


The branch I had lunch at was situated in Roma (Calle Orizaba 87, Roma), although there are also locations in Mercado Roma, Pedregal, Polanco and Alameda.

Disclaimer: My meal was free. However, all opinions are my own.

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