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Mexican pop-rock is dominated by Natalia Lafourcade’s combination of upbeat yet weirdly maudlin at times lyrics and could-have-starred-in-Amelie aesthetic. She’s another one I can play over and over again without getting bored and sing along to (badly). These are all the best Natalia Lafourcade songs you need to add to your playlist.

  1. Nunca Es Suficiente

  1. Hasta La Raíz

The second this song starts to play I start to think I can sing. Yo te llevo dentro hasta la raaaaíz… The video is also super cool and worth watching at least once.

  1. En El 2000

She looks like an edgy oompa loompa in the video (and has a definite early Julieta Venegas  style vibe) and if that isn’t reason enough to listen to the song, I don’t know what is.

  1. Lo Que Construimos

Unlike most bitter breakup songs, Lo Que Construimos manages to actually be a mature reflection on what happens when a relationship ends. Still, if you want a good sob after a breakup, this is the song to do it to.

  1. El Amor Acaba

Love comes to an end sometimes, and that’s OK. A José José cover plus an exquisite hat.

  1. Tú Sí Sabes Quererme

Her most recent single and one that’s been on constant repeat in my flat since it was released. This is edging out some past classics as one of my favourite Natalia Lafourcade songs right now.

7. Amarte Duele

Taken from the soundtrack of the same name, Amarte Duele is a more understated song than some of her later work. As a side note, everyone should watch the film which is essentially about a Mexican Romeo and Juliet romance.

8. Aventurera

Because every quirky singer needs a song in which she plays ukulele and sings at the same time. Aventurera is definitely one of the best Natalia Lafourcade songs.


  1. Dennia 3 June, 2017 at 20:07 Reply

    Have you ever been in Veracruz? When I listen “mi tierra veracruzana” from her last album, I feel I’m in Veracruz!
    I also love her version of the song “o pato” /el pato, ” Mamita” feat.Rawayana, “No mas llorar”, Mi lugar favorito”, “lo que construimos”… I’m a super fan of her music too hahaha.

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