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Where to Find the Best Burgers in Monterrey

Monterrey, Mexico is a place I visit a lot, and while I’m not overly keen on the city itself, there is one shining beacon of hope in every visit; a Mr. Brown burger…and seeing my boyfriend, obviously. No matter how long I’m visiting for, going to Mr. Brown Garza Sada for burgers at one point or another has become a weird ritual of ours, and it never disappoints. So, if you’re wondering where to find the best burgers in Monterrey then you’ve come to the right blog post, because Mr. Brown easily has the tastiest burgers in the city.


What’s so great about the place?

Apart from the fact it is so close to my boyfriend’s house (instant win), it’s also one of the coolest burger joints I’ve ever visited. The staff wear baseball jerseys and actually look good, even though the colour scheme is a tricky-to-pull-off yellow and black. The burgers are served up on metal plates, which we can all agree is far better than the pretentious wooden chopping board look that many burger places go for. Plus, the outside seating is ideal for the sweltering Monterrey summer and the drinks come in a range of hybrid, ombre hues that are both aesthetically pleasing and thirst quenching.

In short, the extra touches in the décor and design all add to the burger devouring experience, from the shipping container detailing and the quirky coolbox sink in the ladies’ bathroom, to the serving of drinks from jars and industrial looking plastic containers. This is without mentioning the intentional use of Spanglish on the menu, advertising and crockery, which could be so gimmicky but weirdly seems to work.

where to find the best burgers in monterrey

Courtesy of Mr. Brown

where to find the best burgers in monterrey

Which is the best burger?

Everyone has different burger preferences; some people like them spicy, others like a classic cheese, bun, burger combo and I’m sure there are some amongst you who don’t enjoy the addition of bacon. With that in mind, these are the top three burgers that me and Inti eat time and time again.

  1. San Diego: A combination of pineapple, crispy onions, provolone, chipotle sauce and the essential burger, lettuce, tomato trio, the San Diego burger is one of the few savoury foods I accept the presence of pineapple in. Pineapple on pizza can still gtfo though.
  2. Yellow Bacon: Brioche bread with the Mr. Brown burger patty, velvet cheese, lettuce, tomato, guac and chuleta ahumada (smoked ribs). The amount of cheese they add to this burger is almost too much, but not quite.
  3. Toreados: If you like a spicy burger, the Toreados burger and brisket topped with an enormous onion ring, baby spinach, Manchego cheese and tomato, as well as a healthy dose of chipotle and chili sauce is the one for you. Make sure you’ve got a drink to hand if you’re a bit of a spice softy though because the first time I tried this one I really wasn’t prepared for that chili sauce kick.

You can also get burgers in a waffle bun or a brioche, but Yellow Bacon aside I really don’t enjoy the addition of sweet breads to a good umami tasting burger. Each to their own I guess.

Courtesy of Mr. Brown

I don’t like burgers, what else do they have?

This post is clearly not for you, but if you really want something else then they have some impressive looking philly cheese steak baguettes and, the menu tells me, pizza, salads and burritos. Honestly though, if you’re ordering anything other than the burgers, you’re severely missing out.

where to find the best burgers in monterrey

Courtesy of Mr. Brown

How good are the burgers at curing hangovers?

The question on everybody’s lips! Well, I don’t want to be hyperbolic, but this is literally the only place you should head to in Monterrey if you’re hungover. The burgers will sort you right out and the Pedrito Coco drink (coconut cream, pineapple juice, cucumber water and a hint of lime) is perhaps the most refreshing hangover beverage I’ve ever tasted.

where to find the best burgers in monterrey

where to find the best burgers in monterrey

A possibly hungover me, considering which drink to go for


Mr. Brown, Av. Eugenio Garza Sada 1892, Local 9, Col. Roma, Monterrey, Nuevo Léon, México, +52 981 138 2245

If you’re not in Monterrey, and don’t plan on going any time soon, you can also get the best Mr. Brown burgers at Lomas Estrella or Patio Clavería in Mexico City.

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