Mexico Bound

With every questionable hipster travel essential I purchase (bum bag, New Balance trainers, etc) it ...
22nd August 2014

Watching The Tour de France in Yorkshire: Le Tour Catastrophe

With the Tour de Yorkshire just around the corner once again, and me all the ...
8th July 2014

Feminem: Can You Be Both Feminist and a Rap Fan?

Guess who’s back with a brand new rap (based blog post)? Yep, you guessed right, ...
9th February 2014
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How NOT to Tell Your Mum You’re Moving Abroad

How do you tell your family you’re planning on moving to another country and, in the ...
2nd November 2013

Petra Collins and the Pubic Hair Scandal

Look away now if pubes offend. Wait, what do you mean we all have them? ...
22nd October 2013

A Mini Guide To Spanish Swearwords

In the not so distant past, I may have been made aware of the fact ...
20th October 2013