An Eventful Wedding Weekend in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

You may have read in my recent day trip to Tequila post that we (my ...
26th May 2017

The Most Colourful Towns in Mexico

Mexico is a super colourful country, perfect for photographers who want that picture-perfect Instagram background ...
21st May 2017

A Guide To Visiting Chipinque, Monterrey

Monterrey is the place to be in Mexico is you love hiking, walking and generally ...
18th May 2017

A Literary Tour of the Historic Centre, Mexico City

Books, books, books. Buying and reading them is one of my favourite things to do, ...
15th May 2017

A Day Drunk Day Trip to Tequila, Jalisco

Oh, tequila. You’re easily Mexico’s greatest export and arguably the spirit that gives me the ...
12th May 2017
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How NOT to Piss People Off on the Mexico City ...

I was having a great day – my final class was cancelled because no students ...
9th May 2017

A Local’s Guide To Mexico City Street Art

Mexico City is a street art lover’s paradise, with enormous urban artworks lurking round practically ...
6th May 2017

An Insider’s Guide: Mexico City or Guadalajara?

Guadalajara or Mexico City? Tapatíos or chilangos? It’s an age-old question for the big-city lover ...
2nd May 2017

Why I Love the Diada de Sant Jordi

Feliç Diada de Sant Jordi! Happy Saint George’s Day! Feliz Día de San Jorge! You ...
23rd April 2017

A Literary Tour of Roma and Condesa, Mexico City

For any book lover, exploring the literary heritage of Mexico City is an absolute must. ...
22nd April 2017