Lauren (hi, that would be me) is a Yorkshire girl who was navigating life as a feminist in machista Mexico City, before starting her travels round South America in late September 2017. She wishes she could say a life of full-time travel is for her, but fuck me, it really is not. So…all she has to figure out now is what is. 


While real life Lauren’s interests range anywhere from Netflix to overthinking, Northern Lauren mainly focuses on musings about life abroad, as well as practical travel tips for the Mexican capital and beyond, with a penchant for great (street) food, cultural questions, colourful street art and a sprinkling of feminist thinkpieces thrown in for good measure.

Feel free to get in touch with your favourite freelance writer and wannabe blogging superstar at northernlaurenblog@gmail.com or through the Contact page.

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Aguascalientes | Baja California | Baja California Sur | Campeche | Chiapas | Chihuahua | Ciudad de México | Coahuila | Colima | Durango | Estado de México | Guanajuato | Guerrero | Hidalgo | Jalisco | Michoacán | Morelos | Nayarit | Nuevo León | Oaxaca | Puebla | Querétaro | Quintana Roo | San Luis Potosí | Sinaloa | Sonora | Tabasco | Tamaulipas | Tlaxcala | Veracruz | Yucatán | Zacatecas


  1. Spain
  2. Italy
  3. Wales
  4. Northern Ireland
  5. Ireland
  6. Cuba
  7. US (New York)
  8. Hong Kong
  9. Portugal
  10. Guatemala
  11. Colombia
  12. Ecuador
  13. Peru
  14. Bolivia
  15. Chile

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