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A Meat Eater’s Guide to Vegan Mexico City

vegan mexico city

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Eating vegan is becoming easier and easier in the Mexican capital, so easy in fact, that even meat eaters like myself regularly head to vegan haunts in popular neighbourhoods to detox all the chicharrón and tacos al pastor out of our systems.

However, there still seems to be a minor misconception that it’s basically impossible to eat vegan or vegetarian in the Mexican capital. However, while you might struggle to find some truly delicious vegan food beyond, you know, a pot of grated carrot and jicama in smaller towns, in Mexico City there are now plenty of dedicated street food stalls dedicated to dishing up animal-product free foods and allowing you a worry-free, plastic-wrapped plate experience. Long story short: eating vegan in Mexico City has never been easier.

(Having said that, if you’re not OK with cross-contamination when it comes to vegan eating in Mexico, I’d be wary of ordering animal-product free foods at street food stalls, where it’s likely they aren’t dividing the preparation areas. Also, is lard vegan? Because the use of manteca (a.k.a. lard) can be a real problem.)  

But why would you trust a non-vegan (me) to write about vegan food? Well, all I’ll say is that if it tempted me away from gorditas and al pastor for a day or two, it must be good. Even so, not even I (queen of not cooking) has had the chance to hit all the best vegan spots in Mexico City yet, so some of the places in this guide come highly recommended from actual, real life vegans and vegetarians (and vegan food enthusiasts). A shout out goes to Liz in particular!  

So, here’s my round-up of some of the best spots in the capital if you’re looking for a tasty introduction to vegan Mexico City.




PEACE OF CAKE | Emerson 157, Polanco

Peace of Cake is more bakery than café but given that it serves up some impressive vegan desserts—think red velvet, chocolate cookies and everything in between—I couldn’t not mention it. They also have gluten and/ or sugar-free options, if that’s something you’re also looking for in a vegan bakery in Mexico City.

YUTE QUIERO | Río Misisipi 33, Cuauhtémoc

A puntastically named vegan coffee shop like Yute Quiero (recommended to me by Zao) can’t go unincluded either. Located in the Colonia Cuauhtémoc (near Reforma), Yute Quiero apparently has great café de olla and a varied, healthy menu of vegan lunches and light snacks. If I were you, and I was tiring of the so-called millennial favourite avocado toast (yawn), go for their delicious looking fig, almond and honey toast.

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PAN COMIDO | Tonalá 91, Roma Norte

From what I know of Pan Comido, they take their eco-friendly concept seriously, upcycling old stuff to make tables, chairs and decorations for their branches, as well as rewarding customers who bring in empty jars with a free coffee! Their vegan food—especially the burgers—is also considered pretty damn good, although most of their dishes are not fully vegan. While you can swap out dairy products for tofu in most things, they admittedly don’t have the range of choices that other places on this guide offer.

Based on reader recommendations, here are some further vegan café suggestions: Vegattos (Av. Insurgentes Centro 19, San Rafael), Plan V Café (Cuernavaca 85, Condesa), Viko (Pasaje Chapultepec 29, Juárez)


BAZAR LA VEGANERÍA | Londres 26, Coyoacán (but this changes fairly often)

At Bazar La Veganería you’ll find a regularly changing, congregating cast of artisanal vegan vendors and you’ll be able to donate any unwanted clothes and household goods to their acopio (donation zone). If you’ve spent any time in Mexico, you’ll know that finding somewhere to donate old but perfectly functional items and bits of clothing is next to impossible, so this spot is a bloody godsend.

It should be noted that this bazaar moves around a lot though. Sometimes found at Tlaxcala 105 in Roma, it’s currently and most regularly in Coyoacán. Make sure to check their website before planning a visit! 

ORÍGENES ORGÁNICOS | Plaza Popocatépetl 41-A, Condesa

Orígenes Orgánicos is one of the better known and biggest vegan stores in Mexico City, which stocks everything to fulfil your wildest vegan fantasies, from coconut faux-ghurt to almond mayo. While not everything they sell is vegan-friendly, you’ll still find something worth picking up.

Based on reader recommendations, here is another further vegan shop suggestions: Vegattos (Av. Insurgentes Centro 19, San Rafael)

vegan mexico city


Take a wander along the leafy streets of the Roma neighbourhood, and you will stumble upon a vegan food truck or street stall eventually. Once I knew what I was looking for, I was actually surprised how many there were! Here are three of my favourites.

GATORTA | Puebla 182, Cuauhtémoc

As the name suggests, Gatorta serves up vegan twists on the classic Mexico City torta. (And if you thought I was going to say ‘gatos’, then, shame on you, but also lol.) Anyway, Gatorta has forever been on my To Visit list (which grows longer by the day), but I have it on good authority that for a legit recreation of a decent Mexican sandwich, this street food stand is the place to be.

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POR SIEMPRE VEGANA TAQUERÍA | Manzanillo con Chiapas, Roma Norte

I’d wanted to visit Por Siempre Vegana Taquería forever, and when I finally got around to it, I was pissed I’d been missing out this whole time. I tried the al pastor version (by the way, al pastor is my favourite meaty taco filling, so it had a lot to live up to) and it was super, super good. The meat texture was a bit off, obviously, but for vegans who aren’t actually seeking that out, let the record state that the flavour was on point and the grilled onions were a nice touch. I also love the fact that they use metal plates! 10/10 would go again.

vegan mexico city

TACO VEGANO | Insurgentas, near Metrobus Álvaro Obregón

I’ve seen the name Taco Vegano, a street food stall, floating around loads, but I unfortunately haven’t yet had time to go. Even so, it was recommended to me by James, so I knew I had to throw it into this guide. Described as affordable vegan street food, it sounds like a good spot to get a vegan taco in a hurry.

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Based on reader recommendations, here are some further vegan street food suggestions: Pan D’Monium (Orizaba, Roma Norte), Gold Taco (Eugenia 1562, Narvarte Poniente), Vega (Underpass in Chapultepec Park, opposite the Castillo de Chapultepec), Falafelito (Iztaccíhuatl 56, Hipódromo)


Mexico City has exploded with vegan-friendly and exclusively vegan Mexican restaurants in recent years, so it should be no great surprise when I say that this list is far from comprehensive. In fact, these are just the crème de la crème, so please feel free to let me know if I’ve missed off your favourite vegan restaurant in Mexico City!

TEMICTLI | Baja California 295, Hipódromo

Temictli now has two vegan Mexico City branches, in Coyoacán and Condesa respectively and both are well known for extensive menus and pretty reasonable prices…taking into consideration that its vegan food in Condesa (so, like, not the most affordable combo going). Even so, this is another spot I’ve heard recommended by almost anyone I spoke to for vegan food in Mexico City recommendations.

LOS LOOSERS | Sinaloa 236, Roma Norte

Los Loosers was kind of the OG hipster vegan spot in an already pretty OG hipster Mexico City neighbourhood, La Roma. It started life as a humble but innovative vegan restaurant that delivered their dishes on bikes right to your home or office. While this service is still going strong, they also have a Roma Norte restaurant too, which I’ve been to a couple of times. Known for fusing Asian and Mexican dishes, the ramen bowls are probably their signature. While the prices have definitely gone up over the last year or so (you’re looking at paying 200 pesos per main, on average), the quality is SO worth it.

vegan mexico city

AKARMA VEGAN | Lucerna 72, Juárez

Recommended by Cassandra, Akarma Vegan, as well as having a sit-down restaurant, also does home deliveries of anything from its menu, including vegan chicken wings(!!), hotdogs, burgers and basically any other comfort food dish you can think of.

VEGAN INC | Avenida Ejército Nacional 769, Polanco

Downsides? It’s in a Polanco shopping centre (never a wildly fun place to be) and is a bit pricier than many of the other spots on this guide. However, the food is widely considered pretty creative (i.e. you’ll get something a bit more inventive than just a regular burger that’s tagged-teamed in a Portobello mushroom). If you wanna splash out then, Vegan Inc is one to keep in mind.

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FOREVER VEGANO | Guanajuato 54, Roma Norte

When we grabbed a streetside table with the Tasty Bites Vegan Tour (more on that coming up later!), it was because we were supposed to have our third taco instalment of the day at Forever Vegano (vegan in Spanish, in case you hadn’t put two and two together) but because they were out of the particular filling for the taco, we ended up digging into a fresh coconut ceviche. I’m a big ceviche (and seafood) fan, but this was light and refreshing, and I could see it making for a great summertime vegan lunch for travellers in Mexico City.

vegan mexico city

U.TO.PI.A | Juan Escutia 66, Condesa

I’ve heard mixed reviews about, but the better reviews seem to have come more recently and I’m happy to fall on the side of ‘give it a shot’. I’d also like to add that legit vegan Liz mentioned it as one of the best vegan pizza places in the capital, so if you’re craving a good ol’ pizza without all the dairy and meat, then might just be the place for you.

VEGUÍSIMA | Pachuca 59, Condesa

While I haven’t been to Veguísima myself, people rave about this place for a reason—great vegan food (especially the vegan tostadas) and a super cool atmosphere. While the dishes are considered to be relatively simple, they also manage to pack in the flavour, ticking all the boxes when it comes to great vegan eats in Mexico.

LA PITAHAYA VEGANA | Querétaro 90, Roma Norte

If you like your vegan Mexican food Instagram ready, then you might wanna hop over to La Pitahaya Vegana (which has recently moved into a sleek new location) and try some of their signature pink tortilla tacos. Doing just what they say on the tin, these rose-coloured tacos are piled with an artful sprinkling of cauliflower, bright pineapple sauce and sprinkled with a striking dash of black sesame seeds. They’re pricier than your average taco, for sure, but they’re also much prettier, so the wow factor makes La Pitahaya Vegana well worth a quick visit if you want vegan food in Mexico City.

Based on reader recommendations, here are some further vegan restaurant suggestions: Vegan Pa’ Cá (Medellín 118, Roma Norte), Vegamo Mx (Revillagigedo 47, Centro), Veggino’s Pizza (Eguía 72, San Miguel Chapultepec), Urban Veggie (Eje 2 Sur, Local E, Condesa)

vegan mexico city


If you’re looking for a solid introduction into the vegan Mexico City scene but also don’t want to spend all day tracking down restaurants, vegan street food and cool cafés yourself, then you should consider taking a food tour instead.

When I was last in Mexico City, I was kindly invited to take part in the Tasty Bites Vegan Food tour, which involves around four stops at vegan favourites in Mexico City. Guided by Ana Paola and the Tasty Bites co-owner Rob, this tour also made for a great introduction to the Roma neighbourhood in particular, given that you’ll be hotfooting it around the criss-crossed streets of the barrio over the course of the two-and-a-half hour timeframe. There are also programmed stops for cool explanations of the area’s unique architecture too, which actually included a ton of stuff that I’d never even heard before.

And the food? Well, while I wasn’t hot for the vegan burger (although Rob confirmed that actual vegans rave about the thing), I loved that there was a mixture of both restaurant and street food options, and, of course, more than one bloody delightful taco up for grabs. I ESPECIALLY loved the final stop, which was perhaps my favourite and was pretty unexpected! I won’t be revealing it here though, so I guess you’ll just have to take the tour yourselves to be let in on that little secret?!

vegan mexico city

Have you tried some delicious vegan Mexico City spots? Did I miss them off this guide? Let me know in the comments!



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